Advance level course is the next step towards creating a high quality believable animation and is best suitable for anyone who already knows all the basics of animation and familiar with.basic body mechanics and acting performance. In this semester students will learn to take thier animation skills to the next level and will have an entire series of lectures on facial animation and lipsync for intense dialogue performances. Students learn how to make characters move with more weight, solidity, and believability in action scenarios. This class will give you insight into how to understand the art of acting and The exercise that all animators look forward to Acting to dialogue Students will learn to handle the demanding task of facial acting in more detail.


Advanced Body Mechanics

Duration: 8 Weeks


Advanced body mechanics will take your previous learning and understanding of body mechanics to the next level, The exercise in this workshop will be more complex and will prepare you to animate for movies, tv series and games, exercise like a dance sequence or a combat fight scene will push your understanding of mechanics even further. Animators in the industry will themselves take your lectures and review your shot live and advice according to their extensive experience in the industry.


Advanced Acting

Duration: 8 Weeks


In Advanced Acting, you will learn how to plan and execute your animation in a production like Pipeline.You will build an understanding of thoughts and actions that you will drive your characters. Your assignments will focus on two-person dialogue shots and you?ll learn how to find the balance of giving each character life without losing the essence of the shot, We will be working on how we can improve our overall believability of characters.


Lipsync and Facial Expressions

Duration: 4 weeks


We express our emotions and sentiments through facial expressions otherwise we would look lifeless or robots and so does our animated characters In this stage of our Course you will learn pro level lip-sync and expressions to support our body acting look more realistic and filled with life, you will learn to synchronise your body animation with facial expressions and vice vresa. you will understand how human eyes responds to our emotions and how our eyebrows plays an important role to express ourselves etc.