About Us

Animyx is an animation institute by an industry experienced animator, we are the first institute in india to have a specialization in advanced character animation program along with many other important courses in animation. We are a dedicated team of people who wants to encourage students to pursue the great art of animation by providing them a high quality training. At Animyx we will share our knowledge through our extensive experience in animation in order to prepare highly skilled and confident animators. Faculties at our training center are people who either are working in industry or have had extensive experience as a professional animators. Animation and gaming industry is growing at the rate of 16 percent every year which creates huge demand for highly skilled animators in the country but due to lack of quality education and poor guidance very few students lands a job in the industry followed by huge struggle.

Why Us

A poor educational base and lack of direction can ruin the entire career of a student therefore our students get directly to work with industry animators and have oppurtunity to tap their knowlege and experience. We offer a wide range of courses and our fee structure is highly flexible and students are free to choose any specific course for themselves according to their interest and we are the first institute in india to provide specialisation in advanced charcter animation programe of one year.